When will the Premier league return ?The latest EPL news and updates

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Due to the covid-19 outbreak in the world, most of the football leagues postponed their fixtures until further notice

Leicester City defeated Aston villa 4-0 in the last game ,until now, of the 2019-2020 Premier League season, So since march 9 there hasn’t been any single game played and it kind of sucks

Will the season be voided ? will the EPL resume ? and if that’s the case when will that be ?

The EPL , the English Football League and Professional Footballers’ Association hope to resume play at the earliest in May, but at this point this decision appear extremely remote and the rumoured target date that we can hope for will be June 1.

To do so, premier league clubs are not standing idle to this situation and are working on a formula to bring the games back and finish the season even if it means playing behind closed doors and cramming the remaining fixtures into a four or five weeks period

According to the Mirror, clubs could ask their players to return to training next month only when ready-made testing kits are available.

The testing kits will be used to ensure the safety of the players and everyone around them and to monitor their health to avoid taking any unnecessary risks that might put the lives of people in danger

But if it’s gonna be played behind closed doors, How about the fan ?

Don’t worry folks, if the premier league should resume anytime soon , we fans won’t have any problem enjoying the remaining fixtures because sky and BT sport are open to broadcasting the remaining fixtures to keep fans away from the stadiums


    1. It’s up to them to show some solidarity to the majority of the people in these hard times … but if they want to keep the English fans away from the satdiums they’d better put the games for free.

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